Chive Bouquets

One thing I’ve been enjoying this spring is making little mini bouquets of chive flowers.

We grow tons of chives at the community garden. The ones in the photo above are in our herb spiral with thyme and rosemary.

I love the purple flowers. Every time I’m in the garden, I pick a few to take home and put in a small vase. I think they are just so cute! They’re nice to have on a bedside table or by the soap dispenser at the kitchen sink, and they last for two-to-three weeks.

It’s the little things….

2 thoughts on “Chive Bouquets”

  1. Have you ever made chive vinegar? Fill a jar with blossoms, then add white vinegar to cover and soak for 1-2 weeks. Strain off blooms and use vinegar for salad dressings. Pickled blossoms can be added to salads.
    I chop chives and store in freezer for use in winter, too. A great addition to potatoes and soups.

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