More Raspberries!

While the community garden raspberry patch is looking swell, Nate is looking forward to harvesting raspberries right on his very own balcony!

The other week, while on an evening walk, Nate and I came across two potted raspberry plants sitting by the road with a FREE sign stuck to them. We couldn’t say no to raspberries, so we took one home with us. Thank you neighbor!

The raspberries are Willamette raspberries according to the nursery pot they came in. This raspberry variety originated in Oregon (hence the name. BTW: Willamette rhymes with Dammit!). It’s a summer-bearing variety (as opposed an everbearing variety) and it supposedly has extremely large berries.

Since I’m moving at the end of June, it made sense for Nate to take the raspberry plant and pot it on up on his balcony. A brief internet search revealed no reason why the raspberries wouldn’t be able to grow just fine in a pot. There doesn’t seem to be anything special we need to do to grow raspberries in a pot either. All the usual rules apply: a good amount of sunlight, and moist, but well-draining soil.

Without further ado:


Et voila!

I doubt they’ll fruit this year since its already May and we don’t see any buds or flowers, but if all goes well, Nate will have a small raspberry harvest next spring.

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