Some updates from Dad’s garden

The raspberry trellises are still standing and the canes are producing plenty of raspberries! The rows still need to be filled out with canes from other parts of the yard, but that job is for a later time.

The hazelnut trees are growing nicely – the two that were bare root (the two on the right below) are doing better than the one that came potted. Dad constructed fences out of tomato cages around two of them to make sure the deer wouldn’t get to them.

The hazelnut seeds however, don’t seem to have done anything.

The hydrangea that was transplanted is growing nicely, and is producing flowers. (The madrone, however, is dead.)

The fig trees are also growing nicely, but unfortunately not producing much fruit.

That’s all for now. I’m still getting settled in California, but I’ll be back with posts about my new “garden” here in the coming weeks.

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