The Mystery of the Multiplying Meyer Lemons

I thought I had planted nine Meyer lemon seeds – 3 chitted and 6 direct sown….

…..and yet… I now count….

…THIRTEEN Meyer lemons! (There are four in the gray pot at the top right – two are tiny shoots that are difficult to see in the photo.) How did that happen??

I had to transplant the six plants on the left from the pot on the bottom right this weekend, because they were getting too crowded. At the outset of this experiment, I really didn’t expect many of the seeds to germinate. I thought of the nine I planted, I might get one or two, maybe three actual plants. But to my dismay (or delight) every last one, not only germinated, but formed a small plant with real leaves. Plus, I somehow grew four extra plants! Did I black out when I was planting seeds? Did I sow seeds in my sleep?

It’s a mystery.

Now I have to figure out if I’m going to bring all thirteen with me to California, or just select the best ones. That will be like picking a favorite child.

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