We Finished Bark-Chipping the Blueberry Patch!

On Thursday evening, Nate and I went to the community garden, and finished bark-chipping the blueberry patch.

Remember when we did the first part? This was back in March, before the blueberry bushes had leaves.

We had run out of steam and newspaper (or so we thought), and decided to call it quits for the day.

A few weeks ago, some other members of the garden group put down black plastic over the weeds at the very end where no blueberry plants are planted. That made the task of finishing the blueberry patch much less daunting. (It’s hard to see in the photo, but there are several young, small blueberry bushes planted in the space between the black plastic and the part that is mulched.)

The black plastic is covering the left-hand side of the bed (the part that is full-blown weeds in the photo before this one).

I decided to look through our Knaack boxes (which are giant metal crates that the parks department has given us to store our gardening supplies), on the off chance that there was a stack of newspaper that we missed. And lo’ and behold, I found a really big stack of the New York Times (that’s the good stuff — their sheets of paper are much thicker than the Seattle Times)!

Here’s where we started

We spent a little over two hours in here on Thursday evening – first pulling out any big weeds and then laying newspaper and mulch.

It looks so good! I’m very happy with it.

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