Planting Seeds for the New Garden

Last Friday, I had the day off of work due to July 4th, and took the opportunity to plant a few seeds. I had brought a handful of seed packets down with me — most of which were two to three years old. Couldn’t hurt to put them in dirt, though, right?

I planted some Armenian cucumber seeds and a volunteer squash seed in the plastic pot on the left, and zucchini seeds in the pot on the right. The Armenian cucumber and volunteer squash were seeds I had saves from previous harvests, so who knows if they will germinate, and if they do what they will produce. But it will a fun experiment nonetheless.

Then, in the garden box that Keith (my landlord/roommate) made, I planted cilantro, parsley, and marigolds.

We have the box positioned under a tree, so it’s a bit shaded and hopefully the cilantro and parsley will appreciate a respite from the hot California sun.

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