Seed Update: Palo Alto Veggies and Herbs #1

Remember the seeds I planted a week ago? I already have germination!

Here’s the zucchini pot:

Look at that zucchini!

I planted one seed in the middle and five or so around the edge of the pot.

Here’s the winter squash:

This pot has one winter squash seed in the middle, and some Armenian cucumber seeds around the edge.

Again, I’m not sure what variety it is – I saved the seed from a volunteer squash that kind of resembled a kuri. So, I guess it will be part kuri, but whatever else crossed with it (assuming we get fruit).

I’m very happy with this! Huge success! (At least, so far….)

I found a pdf from SF Bay Gardening that tells me when to plant seeds in this area. According the pdf, July is the last month to start summer squash (zucchini), and winter squash should have been planted between April and June. Oh, well. It’s close enough to June. I think they’ll be fine.

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