The Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden

About 10 minutes from my house is a public garden called the Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden. It’s free and open to the public even now during COVID (so long as you wear a mask and observe physical distancing).

It’s a very neatly arranged garden, part flower garden, and part vegetable garden.

Here are some photos of the flower part of the garden in mid-July:

Neat rows of flowers
Amazing zinnia bed!
Some dahlias…perhaps a little early for peak season.
Very pretty, though.

Here’s the vegetable part of the garden:

Again, it’s very neatly laid out. There are tomatoes, peppers, and squash growing here.
Tomatoes on the right, squash on the left.

Behind the vegetable garden were some rows of fruit trees – lots of apples and some citrus trees.

These apple trees have been neatly pruned along a fence, and all of the fruit is within reach for harvesting.

It’s a really beautiful garden, neatly laid out with wide walking paths, and the perfect mix of flowers and edibles. In years past there has been a volunteer program, but that, unfortunately, seems to be on hiatus for COVID. Oh, well. I’m happy this garden is so close by and open to the public. I’m sure I’ll be making many trips to this garden to see how it evolves over the year.

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