The Neighborhood Gardens of Palo Alto

In contrast to the lush, terraced gardens of Seattle, Palo Alto is flat and dry. Although citrus trees are a frequent sight, I don’t think I’ve seen a single vegetable garden since I’ve been here. Perhaps vegetable gardens are tucked in backyards out of view from the street, but somehow, I doubt it.

Here are some of the gardens I see on my walks around the neighborhood these days:

Lots of this style of planting: spread out shrubs/cacti with dirt, mulch or rocks in between.
…and palm trees….
…and so much agapanthus! (agapanthi?)
This house is a bright spot on my walk. The bougainvillea is taking over!

And last but not least…

A truck full of dahlias!

This isn’t my style of garden, but I guess that’s zone 9B for ya!

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