More Plant Updates: Palo Alto Veggies and Herbs #3

The zucchini and squash that I planted almost a week ago are still alive. And growing! It’s a miracle!

July 31st
Five days later

And because it’s been an otherwise slow week, here’s an update on the other things growing.

The cilantro is slow, but doing well. The plants looks like actual cilantro now. Still a little floppy and pitiful, but they’re gettin’ there…

July 20th
August 5th

The marigolds have really taking off. They’re tall enough to poke out of the planter box. Won’t be long before they’re blooming!

July 20th
August 5th

The parsley was a total bust. I thought about reseeding it, but never got around to it, and now I’ve planted something else in that spot (more on that later…)

And last but not least, the geranium (from cutting, not from seed) is definitely getting bigger.

July 11th
August 5th

I love having photographic evidence of my plants’ growth. I check on these plants every day, and, to my eye, they seem not to be growing at all. But when I put these photos side-by-side, I am reassured that they all seem to be doing pretty well.

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