A Visit To The Seattle Community Garden

I was able to take a short trip back to visit Seattle, and of course the first place I went was…you guessed it….the Communtiy Garden!

It’s the official end of summer, everything is still looking good in the garden right now. Here are some gratuitous garden photos for your enjoyment!

The everbearing raspberries still have plenty of fruit
There are also some blueberries still on the bushes. This photo is looking up at the zinnia hedge from inside the blueberry cage. The zinnia hedge is just so spectacular this year.
This is a photo of the long beds. In the center is the asparagus bed with bush beans planted under the tall asparagus ferns. On the left is a tomato and cucumber bed.
All kinds of lettuce!
There are three full beds of basil – it’s all doing so well.
Up in the orchard, the medlars are looking like full-grown medlars, but aren’t ripe yet.
The quince are a week or two shy of being fully ripe as well.
This is one of the chestnut trees, loaded with chestnuts. I’m sad to be missing the harvest of these this year, but I’m glad I got to visit the garden once more this season.

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