Parsley Take #3

I tried planting parsley in the raised beds along with the cilantro and marigolds, and nothing came up.

Then I tried planting it in the main in-ground garden, and again, no luck.

Since I still have seeds left, I’m going to give it one more shot.

This time, I’m soaking the seeds prior to planting. The back of the seed packet says they take 2-4 weeks to germinate and to speed up germination soak overnight prior to planting.

Soaking didn’t really seem to help me with the beans and peas, but I’ve already tried parsley twice without soaking and I’ve got nothing to lose.

The other thing I’m doing differently is that I’m planting the seeds in a pot on the deck using potting soil. I wonder if the seeds didn’t like the dense clay soil in the garden?

Who knows if this will work…(I doubt it)…can’t hurt to try!

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