Starting My First Seeds!

On Sunday (Dec 6th), I planted my first seeds for the 2021 garden.

I decided to start with chervil and parsley to test out my seed starting set up. These are both cold hardy herbs, so if they outgrow the starter pots, they will hopefully be fine if I need to transplant them into the garden in January or February. Alternatively, I could put them in pots that I can bring indoors if the weather turns.

Also, I bought these seeds just a couple of weeks ago, and couldn’t wait to open the packages!

The chervil packet says it needs light to germinate, so you are supposed to press the seed into the soil surface. The parsley says it should be planted 1/4″ deep.

Here are my pots prepared with seed starting mix:

I used the smaller of the two sizes of newspaper pots that I made and cut the top off, so the pots are a bit shorter, to test out different heights.

Here’s the finished potted and labeled pots:

I watered them in and now…. I wait!

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