Foliage Friday: Accidental Pink Peppercorn Foraging

It is quite the coincidence that just this past Sunday, I posted my foraging goals. My Foliage Friday this week is, unintentionally, a forageable food! It’s not on the Forage, Harvest, Feast list, and I didn’t know it was a forageable food when I decided to pick this tree for my Foliage Friday.

I’m still working at the VA this week, and was looking for a plant to learn about for Foliage Friday… I wasn’t finding anything all that interesting, so I finally decided to learn the name of this tree:

Four New Apple Trees In One!

Over the MLK weekend, my housemate/landlord replaced the apple tree in the backyard. I thought I had a picture of it, but I can’t seem to find any, so you’ll just have to use your imagination. Keith doesn’t know what variety it was. He got it from a nursery a couple decades ago and can’t remember. He says it used to produce tons of HUGE apples. They were good for apple sauce, but I thought they tasted kind of mealy. This past summer it still produced a good number of apples, but they were moderate in size. The tree is so productive that the weight of the apples would break the branches. Keith had staked up the branches with posts to keep the branches from bending and breaking (like crutches for an apple tree). A couple more branches broke this summer, and Keith decided it was finally time to go.

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Update on the Lettuce Fork Fortress

A couple of weeks ago, I showed you the lettuce starts I planted in an raised bed. The rats had been getting into the bed, digging holes, and disturbing the plants and their roots. I stuck plastic forks and knives in the ground around the lettuce starts to discourage the rats from digging.

Here’s what the bed looked like when I put up the fork fortress: