My Pitiful Seedlings :(

Here are my seedlings yesterday:

And here they are three weeks ago:

January 10

Notice much of a difference? Neither do I.

My seeds aren’t growing!! I planted these seeds in the beginning of December. It’s been 8 weeks, and this is all they have to show for it. My seeds seem to germinate just fine, and then…nothing. Zippo. Their first true leaves are itty bitty and they don’t seem to want to grow anymore.

I was watching a video by Garden Answer the other day. She started herbs, including parsley, in the beginning of January, and this is what her plants look like now:

Parsley is in the second column from the left

What am I doing wrong?

My best guess is watering: too much sometimes and too little at other times. I find the seed starting mix to be tricky. It likes to hold on to moisture, but when it dries out in the pot, it’s hard to get it to absorb water again. Sometimes I water from above (gently), sometimes I put water in the plastic tray to let the soil soak it up from the bottom. I haven’t worked out a good system yet.

It’s also possible that the light fertilizer I used hurt them, but they were already looking pretty puny even before I fed them.

Could it be light? I think I have them as close to the grow light as I can comfortably get them, and it’s on from 6 in the morning until 8 at night.

Any other guesses?

I’ll give myself a pass this year because conditions (space, resources, etc) are less than ideal, but a solid seed starting setup will be essential in years to come.

5 thoughts on “My Pitiful Seedlings :(”

  1. Did you ever try that fertilizer I suggested? It might be they are too cool. What is the temp in the room? If you have a heating pad, you could place it under the tray on low to give them a boost.

    1. No, I haven’t tried that fertilizer. I only feed them that one time, and now I’m nervous to give them any more food. I don’t think they’re too cool. The room they’re in is the warmest in the house, and it’s probably at 70 degrees. Plus they get additional heat from the grow light. If anything, I was worried they’d be too warm!

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