Time To Feed My Seedlings

My parsley and chervil are growing, but slowly, and I think they’re looking a little anemic. The first leaves are a little pale.

So…. I’m going to try fertilizing.

I have lots of this miracle gro, so I made up an extra weak batch and used it to water the seedlings.

Do you think this will help or will I burn the roots and kill the plants?

In other news, my lonely Evergreen White Bunching Onion now has two leaves. (Do we call them leaves?) They can keep each other company.

2 thoughts on “Time To Feed My Seedlings”

  1. Weak solutions for seedlings is a good idea, but MG is salt-based and could burn tender roots. I’ve had better results with a 1-2-1 ratio organic fertilizer like Neptune’s Harvest or similar. It is better for complete nutrition as well as beneficial soil biome.

    1. Oh, okay….good to know let’s hope I didn’t kill my seedlings already! I certainly won’t be purchasing any more Miracle-Gro…we had a left from years (if not decades?) ago, and I thought “no sense wasting it now…”

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