Growing Dahlias From Seed

On Friday night, I planted some dahlia seeds.

I’m used to growing dahlias from tubers, and wasn’t even aware that you could grow dahlias from seed until last year. (I was dumb.)

My dad was growing some dahlias at his house last summer, so I asked him to collect the seeds.

It’s pretty straightforward to collect the seeds… similar to collecting zinnia seed: wait until the flower is dead and dried up, and then pull off the petals and within each petal, there should be a seed.

The problem with growing dahlias from seed is that they have been cross-pollinated, so the seeds won’t grow true to the parent plant. This isn’t a problem for me since I don’t really like the bright yellow dahlias that my dad grew, so a cross-pollinated flower might be an improvement. Plus, similar to my squash grown from the prior year’s seeds, it’s just fun to experiment.

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