Indoor Seed Sowing: Portland Edition

This week I got to sow another set of seeds indoors, this time for my dad in Portland.

He recently invested in LED grow lights, which are very snazzy.

I used newspaper pots, similar to those I’m using in Palo Alto.

I planted six types of seeds: cabbage, fennel, mustard greens (two kinds), onions, and mustard-spinach.

We set up the seeds in an alcove near the furnace in the basement. It’s pretty chilly down there, so we set the seeds on a heat mat to help germination. We also covered the alcove with a white blanket to reflect the light back in towards the seeds and help keep the heat in. We also have a small fan that we can turn on when the seedlings are up to help strengthen them, and a spray bottle with which to water them. This is nearly my ideal seed starting set up, and I’m excited to see how it works!

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