Dealing With the Rats

Every morning I go outside to look at the garden plot, and every morning there are new holes that the rats have dug. Update: I don’t think it’s rats — I think it’s squirrels!

They particularly like to dig where I’ve planted seeds, but don’t seem very interested in the seeds themselves….I find my pea and beans tossed up and sitting on top of the soil.

The blurry white thing is one of my blue lake pole bean seeds.

I rebury the seeds, and hope that they can still germinate and grow. The wire mesh I set around the trellis/cage doesn’t seem to deter them one bit. Ideally, I would have a netted cage to fit over the bed (like they do in the Gamble Garden) or row cover with the edges held down tightly with rocks. But since I don’t have that, I decided to just lay the wire mesh flat down on the dirt.

I’ll need to figure out another solution when (or if) the seeds sprout up out of the dirt. Perhaps I could get a cat….

3 thoughts on “Dealing With the Rats”

    1. I didn’t think it was squirrels, because we never saw squirrels in the beds or boxes, and the holes always seemed to be dug overnight, indicating a nocturnal animal was doing the digging. Funnily enough, the morning after I posted this, I noticed a squirrel get into one of the garden boxes. I went out to see what it was doing, and it looked like there were freshly dug holes. So, I think it is squirrels after all! Probably looking for acorns they had buried. Perhaps they were digging in the early, early morning, before I was up.

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