I Neglected My Seedlings

The past couple of weeks have been a bit busy for me, and I let me seedlings dry out. Twice.

I don’t water them every day (that would be too much water). And I don’t even need to check on them every day. With the grow lights, the seedlings are generally self-sufficient enough to go a day or two without my attention. The problem is that I haven’t formed a habit of checking on them. I forget about them, and they dry out and die.

Part of the problem is that I’m moving in three months, so I don’t have much motivation to grow things that I won’t be around to enjoy. But, I’m considering this a practice run for the next opportunity I have to start seedlings, and I’m taking notes.

Note to Self:

  1. Create a more robust watering system with less room for error
  2. Check on your plants daily (or even twice a day), even though you don’t need to water them daily

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