Squirrels v. Sweet Peas

I think the rat problem is actually a squirrel problem… I noticed a squirrel jump into one of the garden boxes and other day. I went over to look, and it jumped right out before I could get to the boxes, but it looked like there were freshly dug holes. So, I have to apologize to the Palo Alto rats for my false accusations.

But about these squirrels….

Here’s what the squirrels did to my sweet peas:


I quickly repotted them and packed the soil back in, and I’m hoping they weren’t too badly damaged!

I also used some of the wire mesh that I had laid on the in-ground peas to form a cage around the pot.

Ha! Take that squirrels!

I also did the same with the in-ground peas:

They should be safe and sound now.

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