Building A Garden Bed: Part 2

The next step in getting my garden bed set up is figuring out a watering system and protecting it from rabbits and deer.

As I said before, the water spigot at the north end of the bed is non-functioning. A tree root broke the pipe that send water to the spigot. Perhaps, if I have time, I’ll look into finding a solution to the broken pipe later in the summer, but for now, I’m pretending it doesn’t exist.

We have a functioning spigot further up the lawn, and I found an old soaker hose in the shed that fits the size of this garden perfectly.

Unfortunately, there were some holes in the soaker hose, so…it didn’t work out. Plus, I’d still have to haul a hose across the lawn from the spigot further away and hook it up to the soaker hose when I wanted to water the bed, which kind of defeats the purpose. I want it to be an automated watering. For now, we’re just going to water by hand with the hose.

As for protecting the garden from wildlife, I found some flexible PVC pipe and a long piece of netting. I stuck the PVC pipe ends into the holes and in the cinder blocks and draped the netting overtop. The ends of the netting are held down with bricks to keep the rabbits from burrowing under too easily.

I know the height of the netting won’t work if I want to plant tall or climbing things like tomatoes and beans or peas, but for greens and onions, I think it will work out quite nicely. I have a plan B in the back of my mind for if/when I decide to plant peas or tomatoes in the bed.

Ignore the soaker hose in these photos. That has since been removed.

I’m quite pleased with how this is coming together!

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