Building A Garden Bed: Part 1

While my seeds are busy germinating inside, it’s time to work on preparing a garden bed for them to go into when they are ready.

Here are the vegetable beds in the backyard:

There are six raised beds, made out of wood, surrounded by concrete pathways, that were already here when we moved to this house. All of these beds are already spoken for, most have some sort of perennial growing in them (rhubarb, berries, chives, etc).

I always thought it was odd that there were six beds built in this pattern – a row of four and a row of two – why not build two even rows of four beds each for a total of eight beds?

Well, I decided to take this opportunity to partially correct what I see as a design flaw. I’m building a seventh bed, and perhaps, if this bed works out well, I’ll add an eight bed in the future.

To try to conform with the other beds, I’m making this bed slightly raised or terraced into the slope, and it will match the dimensions of the beds adjacent to it.

We didn’t have wood (plus the wood is treated, which isn’t the best for a vegetable garden, and is falling apart, anyway). But we did have plenty of cinder blocks….

In progress….
Ta Da! All three walls built!

This took a lot of work, but we managed to get it done in two days (a couple of hours on Saturday, and several more hours on Sunday). Whew! My arms and hands are still sore!

Once the walls were in place, we laid down cardboard…

…and then filled it in with dirt and compost.

Next up: getting water and deterring rabbits and deer! (See that water spigot at the far end of the bed….it’s no longer active, very sad.)

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