My Garden In April

Time for a little tour of my garden in April 2021.

Starting with the potted plants on the porch….

The sweet peas are doing well:

I know this pot is waaay too small for them, but I’m worried that the squirrels will dig them up as soon as I try to plant them in ground.

I have echinacea starts, grown from seed! They are growing better now that they are out in the natural sunlight. They are also outgrowing this pot, and are way to crowded together. I think I might try to bring them back to Portland when I visit in a week

I have two potted geraniums that have been living on the porch since last summer. Still doing well. Not in bloom at the moment.

I also have a pot of mint that is re-growing after the winter. (It’s looking droopy in this photo because I needed to water it. Don’t worry: it’s been watered and is looking good as new!)

In the garden boxes, I’ve removed the marigolds, so the only thing growing are the two lone lettuces that survived the squirrels. I don’t know why they are growing so tall like that, rather than bushy? My kale and mustard greens did the same thing…is it lack of sunlight?

In the main in-ground garden space, the edible peas are growing slowly but surely. The cage serves a dual purpose as being protection from the squirrels and a trellis for the peas to climb.

I had four beet seeds come up. All but one have been dug up by the squirrels, and someone has been eating this last one.

The kale and mustard greens are growing faster than I can eat them. They’re starting to go to seed, too. I’ve decided to let them and maybe I can save some seed before I leave at the end of June.

Also, the aphids are back and in full force.

In the side garden, I’m growing tomatoes (which you saw earlier this week)

…and pineapple sage!

That’s the end of the tour!

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