Thinning Tomato Seedlings

The tomato seeds that I direct-sowed in the ground on Feb 21st, are growing slowly. I sowed the seeds very thickly because I was skeptical that much would come up. I shouldn’t have been worried.

On April 1st, I cut out a bunch of the smaller tomato seedlings. I didn’t thin them completely, because they’re still pretty small and I’m not sure which one(s) will prove the most dominant.

It’s two weeks later, and the seedlings are still pretty small….growing, but slowly.

I think two factors are affecting this:

  1. Sunlight. I’m trying out a different part of the yard for growing vegetables. The space where I grew vegetables last summer gets direct sunlight from about 10am until 2pm. Not great. This spot gets much more hot afternoon sun, but doesn’t get any sun until after 12pm. Ugh.
  2. Water. I have to admit, I’ve been a bit negligent in my watering duties. I often don’t have time to water before work, and when I prefer not to water in the evenings because temperatures are cooling down and I don’t want to leave my plants wet and cold overnight. Maybe this is irrational? Either way, this is underscoring the need for me to set up automatic watering systems (on timers!) in any future gardening space I have.

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