Another Visit to the Seattle Community Garden: Much Progress in One Year!

I was in Seattle last weekend, so naturally, I had to pay a visit to the Community Garden. Nate and I spent some time pulling horsetail, and I got to admire all the work they’ve done over the last year.

The raised beds are mostly the same, but those familiar with the Community Garden will notice that the big white canopy (which used to be where the blue tarp is in the photo below) is gone!

It was stolen a few months ago! Very sad. There’s talk of creating a more permanent wooden structure to house the picnic tables where potlucks can occur.

The other significant change is this:

This is the new tool shed! It arrived in the last month. There used to be three Knaack boxes, which were difficult to open and close and contained a jumbled pile of tools. The group was wanting a walk-in shed that with shelves and organization on the walls. This repurposed shipping container fits the bill! They still need to build shelves inside for it, paint the outside with some sort of mural to deter graffiti artists, and build a ramp to make it wheelchair accessible (Parks Dept. regulation).

In other areas of the garden….

The raspberry rows are beautifully weeded and pruned:

Similarly, the long beds were looking very well weeded:

Asparagus are ready for harvesting in the first two rows

The re-vamped strawberry patch is looking quite nice:

They ripped the entire strawberry patch out – it was so overgrown with weeds – sold as many old strawberry plants as they could, and planted a new variety of strawberry plants (I don’t remember what kind this is, but I believe it has a longer growing season). Let’s see how long this will stay looking this nice.

In the raised beds, they are growing peas….


…and onions (among other veggies not photographed).

Up in the orchard, one of the big improvements is this wattle fencing:

This is John’s pet project. He’s replacing the fencing around the fig orchard with this. It looks so good – like art!

Despite COVID restrictions, the garden group keeps going, and is stronger than ever! Potlucks still haven’t returned, but I’m hopeful they will happen within 2021.

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