Cleaning Up The Houseplants Before The Beginning of Houseplant Summer Camp

When I was in Portland last week, I took the opportunity to clean up the houseplants – some have put on a good deal of growth since I last saw them in February and they could use some bigger pots.

First up: I brought home the little Chines money plant that I propagated.

It’s much happier in its new (to it), round, white pot.

The tradescantias are growing like crazy, but I’ve become bored of them. We have too many and they get too long and leggy.

I took a few cuttings to have in a single hanging pot, and tossed the rest.

My avocado is growing very well! It’s almost as tall as me now!

And its pot looks comically small in real life. The plant in the pot to the left in the photo above was essentially dead, so I tossed that guy and moved the avocado to its – now vacant – pot.

I had to stake it because it’s so top-heavy compared to its root system, it wants to flop over. Hopefully, I can remove the stake in a few weeks when the avocado has re-established itself in its new home.

I have a smaller avocado that also could benefit from a larger pot.

And remember all those Meyer lemons in tiny pots?

They were desperate for bigger pots too.

I found slightly larger pots for each one of them, and brought them outside to a sheltered area of the porch for more sunlight (not too much sunlight too soon; I’ve made that mistake before).

It’s time for houseplant summer camp!

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