Foliage Friday: Scabiosa

I’ve been seeing a lot of this flower around lately, so it’s finally time to put a name to a face.

Turns out it’s scabiosa. I’ve heard of scabiosa and had a vague idea of what they were, but now I can finally identify one when I see one. Scabiosa are a genus of flowers in the honeysuckle family that are also commonly referred to as “pincushion flowers” due to their appearance.

Some species of Scabiosa are perennial and others are annual (although the annuals often re-seed themselves, and therefore behave kind of like perennials). The perennial scabiosa tend to be blue, purple, white, whereas the annual scabiosa have a wider color range.

I also learned that the latin name scabiosa comes from its reported property of curing itching skin ailments such as scabies or mange.


Now I will forever associate these flowers with scabies.

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