Foliage Friday: The Elusive Loquat

I finally found a loquat tree!

Ever since I found out about the fruit trees at Stanford, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for loquat trees. There are several on the fruit tree map, but I didn’t know what a loquat fruit looked like, so it was difficult to find one.

But the other day, I was walking along near campus, minding my own business, when I came across this tree with these bright yellow fruits:

Huh? A quick internet search revealed that these are the elusive loquats!

Loquats are in the Rosacea family, along with apples and roses. These trees are native to China. They are evergreen and hardy in zones 8 and above, but will only produce fruit if temperatures stay above 30°F, so I think I’m out of luck if I want to grow loquats in Portland. The trees flower in fall and the fruit ripens in the spring.

Wikipedia says people think these taste like a combination of an apricot and a peach. I think they taste like a mango and an apricot perhaps. They’re very tasty!

The only problem is that the seeds are very large compared to the size of the fruit overall.

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