Foraged Foods: Carob Brownies

I finally got around to cooking with the carob I foraged back in March.

To process them, you are first supposed to simmer them in a pot of water for several hours.

This looks, admittedly, disgusting.

Boiling them softens the pods up so you can split them open and remove the seeds. You don’t eat the seeds. You eat the fleshy pods that surround the seeds.

Once the seeds are removed, you have to re-dry the pods in an oven or dehydrator.

Still looks quite disgusting

Once dry, you can grind the pods into a fine powder. We used a combination of blender with a glass canister and a Vitamix. The powder isn’t perfectly fine, but….it’s close enough.

I used the powder to make Iced Carob Brownies (from The Moosewood Cookbook)….

I didn’t think to photograph them until it was too late.
An Iced Carob Brownie eaten off of Nate’s finest china

….and also a carob latte!

The Iced Carob Brownies were delicious, but I would not have called them “brownies.” They are more akin to a carrot cake.

The carob latte was also delicious! Since I didn’t have perfectly fine carob powder, however, there was a bit of sediment in the bottom, but this is a very nice alternative to hot cocoa.

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