My Garden In May

This is a half-hearted update on the Palo Alto garden.

I’m leaving in a little over a month, so I really haven’t done anything to this garden. I’m slacking on watering too. But nevertheless, things are still growing….

My mint was neglected and died…but you can’t actually kill mint! I gave it a bit of water and it sprouted new leaves! It lives!!
The sweet peas are still doing remarkably well. No blooms yet, but I’m just happy the vines are still alive and looking happy.
Both geraniums bloomed. Geraniums are so easy. I should deadhead the one in the back.
The edible peas are growing nicely, and there are a couple of blooms, so if I’m lucky I will have two pea pods shortly…
The kale and mustard greens are essentially dead. The aphids got them.
I have one little lettuce (unknown variety) growing in a garden box.
The tomatoes are puny, too shaded, and underwatered. I can’t imagine these will produce any tomatoes ever.

Tomorrow I will have a (hopefully) more exciting update on the Portland garden.

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