Planting My Garden!

Last week, after finishing the garden bed, I got to plant the first vegetables in this space! So exciting!!

I started by transplanting some of the seedlings that I had started back in February.

The honor of the first seedlings in the new space went to the Red Acre cabbage. I picked two nice specimens:

My little seedlings are all grown up
In hindsight, I worry I planted these too close together.

Next up: the onions

These seeds were self-collected, and are a variety of scallions, I believe. I planted some individually, and some in small clusters to save on space. I think they should be fine in small clusters, but it will be a good experiment to compare the clustered versus the singly planted.

There are about 25 onions in this space.

Then I planted two mustard-spinach, one Southern Giant Curled mustard, and three Red Giant mustard.

I also planted two broccoli plants, which weren’t ones I had started in February. My dad grew those from seed starting in March, I believe. Of the six seeds I started in February, only the fennel didn’t grow. Those were seeds that were self-collected, and I imagine that was collector-error.

I also wanted to try direct-sowing seeds in this garden. I picked up a packet of Burpee Bibb lettuce from Winco.

I sowed the seeds in an L-shape on the south and east sides of the Red Giant mustard.

Here’s a photo of the garden space to document how it looks at the beginning of the growing season:

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