Self-collected Zinnias

To elaborate more on the seeds that recently germinated: Of the seeds I started a week ago, the zinnias were the first to sprout.

I had two pots of zinnia seeds, both of which were self-collected from two different sources. I’ve never collected zinnia seeds before, and I wasn’t sure I was doing it right, so I sowed the seeds heavily.

Last Thursday – a mere five days after sowing – I noticed the first few seedlings poking their heads up in both zinnia pots. None of the other crops was sprouting yet.

And here they are less than one week later:

We’ll need to thin these guys out. I’ve also read that you’re supposed to pinch the tips off of seedlings (after they have a few true leaves) to encourage bushier growth.

I don’t know if the zinnias these seeds came from were hybrid or heirloom varieties, so it will be a surprise as to what we get, but hopefully soon I will have my very own zinnia hedge!

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