Bushy versus Spindly Geraniums

I have two potted geraniums (zonal pelargoniums, I believe) that I propagated from cuttings. One came from Nate, and is a small, dark, bushy plant with light pink flowers.

The flowers are well past their prime.

The other is one I propagated from a cutting from Palo Alto. This one is much taller and spindlier, but has coral/red flowers.

I like the bushier growth habit of the geranium I got from Nate, but I prefer the flower color of the Palo Alto geranium. I wondered if it is possible to encourage bushier growth, or if some types of geraniums will just always grow tall and lean.

From what I read online, it’s possible to encourage bushier growth and avoid long woody stems by pinching back the tips of the geraniums or cutting back the branches by a third. I’m going to try this with the spindlier geranium and see what happens. 

Ta-da! (should I have been more aggressive?)

Also, while I was researching geraniums, I saw that if you deadhead the bloom stalks, this will encourage more blooms. 


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