Foraged Foods Friday: Daylily

The daylily is the next foraged foods bucket list. And they’re growing right in front of my house!

There are actually many in bloom all over Palo Alto at the moment – they’re hard to miss.

I had no idea daylilies were edible until I read Forage, Harvest, Feast. All parts of the daylily are edible – the buds, shoots, and tubers. Importantly though, while all parts of daylilies are edible, not all lilies are edible, so be sure you’re eating a daylily.

I was inspired to make daylily fritters √† la Kitchen Vignettes, but I used this recipe from Edible Capital District. I made these this past Monday to celebrate the summer solstice, and discovered that they’re super easy to make.

Pick daylily bulbs that are almost about to open.

Dredge them in flour, and then in a mixture of flour, milk, salt, baking powder.

Fry them in oil:

Et voilà!

My batter stuck to the bottom of the pan (the pan’s fault, not the recipe’s fault), so they don’t look as pretty as they probably would be, but oooohhhh man are these delicious!! Two thumbs up!!! The daylily buds taste like a cross between a sugar snap pea and asparagus (I thought this before reading Aube Giroux’s post on daylily fritters where she described them exactly the same way! It’s true! Marie Viljoen describes dried daylilies as smelling like chocolate – there I disagree. I think they smell yeasty with maybe a hint of chocolate, but mostly yeast.)

The point is daylilies are so delicious! Whenever I walk past a clump of daylilies (which is often here) my mouth salivates…..mmmmm daylilies….

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