Growing Dahlias From Seed: Round 3

I’ve tried starting dahlias from seed twice before, and both times I got zero germination (in Palo Alto, and in Portland). I figured the seeds were duds, but, my dad – not wanting to waste the seeds he collected – decided to try again. This time, he put them on the heat mat.

He read online that dahlia seeds like a warm environment – at least 70°F – to germinate. They seem to have liked that, because….

Ta Da!

There are 11 small dahlia seedlings. Note to my future self: use a heat mat to start dahlia seeds!

From what I read, dahlias take 100-120 days from seed to flower. One hundred days from when dad started these seeds would be early September, I believe. We should still be frost free by then, so there’s a chance we’ll see some flowers from these dahlias! I can’t wait to see what variety we get!

One of the original dahlias

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