Nate’s Forest

Nate has been collecting seeds – from trees in his neighborhood or fruit from the grocery store – and germinating them. He has amassed quite a collection of small potted trees on his balcony.

There is a small patch of land near his apartment that is overgrown with weeds. It seems like public property (we’re not 100% sure…) He has taken it over as his own personal forest.

He has planted a few of his small trees in this area, including oaks….

….maple trees….

…an apple tree…

… an avocado tree…

…a birch tree….

…and a tiny conifer (douglas fir?)

These trees are pretty small. He surrounded each of them with a ring of blackberry vines to protect them from critters. To be honest, I’m not so optimistic about the eventual fate of these trees…I predict they will be dead before next spring. BUT – I will be pleasantly surprised if I am wrong. I think this little spit of land needs a few good trees.

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  1. Some of them will almost certainly be dead by next spring, but I think the oaks, maple, birch, and apple are pretty healthy and should make it through winter. The conifer is an Atlas cedar

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