A Very Belated Planting of More Squash and Potatoes

Last week, there are still two cucurbits that have yet to be planted in the ground! My dad had bumped them up into larger pots, but didn’t put them in the ground – perhaps he thought they were still too young? Or it wasn’t warm enough? Anyway…I know squash don’t like being transplanted, so I try to transplant them as soon as possible, but I’d rather get these ones in the ground later rather than never.

The tags were lost, so I can’t tell you which is which, but I think one of them should be a Waltham butternut squash, and the other should be a lemon cucumber.

Cucurbit #1
Cucurbit #2

Planted in the squash plot:

We’ll have to see how badly these guys get transplant shock.

For comparison, the two squash that have been in the ground for several weeks now are still looking quite small, but they’re producing male flowers.

Also, while I was at it, we found a very old potato that had sprouted.

I know this is not a typical potato planting time, but I put it in a pot, and we’ll see what happens.

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