Starting Fall Garden Seeds

I’ve barely harvested anything from the “summer garden” and I’m already starting seeds for fall crops.

In the place where I pulled out the mustard greens the other week, I am now planting beets (two varieties) and carrots.

These seeds are from 2017 and 2018. I don’t have high hopes for their germination, so I sowed them somewhat thickly.

Three lines of seeds

I started these seeds on 6/30.

Three days later, on July 3rd, I direct-sowed peas, and started more brassicas, lettuce, and arugula indoors.

For the peas, I used an old packaged of sugar snap pole beans and three of the peas I saved this summer – wouldn’t it be fun if I could get two generations of peas in one summer?

I put these seeds in one of the beds on the northeast corner of the raised bed area, which gets slightly more sun.

I’m using tomato cages as a trellis for the peas.

The brassicas are pretty much a repeat of what I planted in the spring. I’m trying the lettuce indoors, rather than direct sowing this time, and I’m adding the arugula.

I’m a little confused about how to start seeds in summer for fall crops – if I don’t direct-sow them, should I put them under grow lights in the basement? Should I put them outside on the back porch? Will that be too much direct sunlight causing them to bolt too sun?? Any advice would be appreciated.

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