Too Many Tomato Plants

Too many tomato plants? No such thing. But I started a lot of tomato seeds, and we’ve run out of places to put them in our yard.

Here are a smattering of the plants we still have leftover on the back porch:

Tomatoes plus cabbage, dahlias, broccoli, etc….

The school nextdoor to us has a couple gardens. This is the lower school garden:

It’s slightly neglected in the summer.

We asked if we could plant a few of our tomatoes here and they said, “Sure!”

I picked out five decent looking tomatoes:

And we planted them wherever we could find some space:

I *think* this garden gets more sun than my cinder block garden bed does, so I’m hopeful these tomatoes will be able to produce a decent amount of fruit even though we’re planting them late in the season.

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