Treating Tomato Blossom-End Rot

I noticed the other day that my Cuore di Bue tomatoes – which I was so proud of – are suffering from blossom-end rot.

I’ve heard in the past that blossom-end rot is due to insufficient calcium or too much or too little water. I confirmed this with the Oregon Extension. I’ve heard of people sprinkling eggshells around their tomatoes to prevent this (although some people say this is hogwash).

It’s entirely possible that we’ve been watering too much or too little, but in case the problem is not water, but rather calcium, I’m adding calcium in the form of this oyster shell fertilizer around the tomatoes. It contains 35% calcium according to the package.

While I was at it, I sprinkled oyster fertilizer around the cabbage (both the cabbage I planted in the spring and the cabbage I planted this past weekend).

The cabbage that I planted months ago in the spring remains headless. I’ve read that one reason cabbage might not form a head is calcium deficiency. Maybe this will help?

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