Foliage Friday: Some Sort of…. Cedar?

This one is stumping me.

This awkward looking evergreen tree is growing in our backyard underneath the black walnut tree. My dad planted it years ago, but doesn’t remember where it came from or what it is.

Here are the needles:

Here is the bark:

It’s not a pine tree. That much I can say for sure. But that’s as far as I can get. I go around in circles…..cedar! No, juniper! No, wait, spruce! I’m truly stumped.

I’m guessing based on the bark that it’s some sort of cedar, but the needles don’t seem to match any of the varieties of cedars that I’m finding. When I run a photo of it through, I get Eastern Red Cedar, but that can’t be right.

It’s growing kind of at an angle away from the black walnut tree, which makes me think it wants more sunlight.

Any ideas…sun-loving, evergreen with blue-green needles and papery, red bark??

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