Saving Kale Seeds

The nearby school garden where we planted our extra tomatoes (we added 8 more tomato plants a few days later, so now there are 13 tomato plants over there!) has some old kale that went to seed.

My dad noticed the seed pods were ready to be collected, so I took a few pods from two different plants. Saving seeds has been surprisingly easy – now, I just can’t help myself anytime I see seeds in need of saving 😉

There are two varieties of kale. I’m guessing that one is Red Russian:

and the other is a Lacinato type:

Red Russian is an heirloom (open-pollinated) type of kale, and there are several Lacinato type kales that are also open-pollinated, so I assume these seeds will grow true, but we’ll have to wait for next year to find out…

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