The First Bean and The First Tomato of 2021!

I went out to check on the garden last night after work, and — do you see what I see?

That there is a full-sized, ready-to-pick Blue Lake Pole Bean!! Finally!!! On August 11! I’ve waited so long, I almost didn’t think it would happen. I sowed these seeds on April 24th. That was 109 days ago. (Blue Lake Pole Beans are supposed be 75 days to maturity…hmmm…I have room for improvement.) Despite the long wait, what makes me even more excited about this bean is that this plant comes from a seed I had saved from my beans in my 2020 Palo Alto garden. How cool!

But wait!

As if that weren’t exciting enough, shortly after harvesting the bean, I noticed one of the potted tomatoes was ripe!

I don’t know the name of the this variety but it’s a small-ish yellow tomato, a bit bigger than a sungold. This plant is also grown from seeds I saved in 2020. The parent tomato was a volunteer growing just outside of a community garden on Stanford’s campus. This daughter tomato looks almost identical to the parent tomato, so it’s possible it’s an heirloom?? Who knows. The seed for this tomato was sown at the same time as the Blue Lake Pole Bean – April 24th.

Good things come to those who wait?

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