Transplanting Euonymus and Planting Echinacea: The Beginning of My Flower Garden

Remember that euonymus that’s growing in one of front garden beds under the magnolia? The bush I don’t care for?

Nate and I dug them up and moved them to the backyard.

I think they’re just so overgrown and messy looking, and I would really prefer to have something nicer to look at in a bed that I see every day as I leave for work and come home.

The bush above was the easier one to remove, and we were able to dig it up in one clump.

Here it is in it’s new home:

This a bed at the back of the house that had nothing growing in it before. It’s tucked behind a shed, sort of, so we don’t see it very much.

The other bush was much harder to dig out. Its roots and branches were entwined with the adjacent azalea bush, so we had to do some shrub surgery, and ended up sacrificing quite a lot of it.

We only managed to get a few clumping of branches with roots attached, and planted those at the far end of the bed below.

The dirt isn’t the best in this area, so – combined with the measly roots we were able to get – I won’t be surprised if they die. If they die, they die. Oh well.

What I really care about it what I’m putting in it’s place!

There is a hellstrip in my old neighborhood in Seattle that, every summer, the homeowner, filled with all sorts of beautiful flowers – zinnias, dahlia, pincushion flowers, margiolds, cosmos, sunflowers, poppies…it was incredible. Photos really cannot capture just how fantastic this hellstrip was.

This is my inspiration. I want to fill this small magnolia bed with flowers – both annuals and perennials.

To begin with, I have these echinacea, which I grew from seed. They have been in far too small pots all summer, and are starting to look sad.

These four are the first additions to my future flower garden.

Use your imagination…someday this spot will be amazing….

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