Transplanting Fall Crops

Nate is in Portland this weekend, so I have enlisted his help in various garden tasks. The first task is transplanting the fall crops I started from seed in July.

They didn’t grow very much at all in the month that they have been in the pots. I find starting fall seeds very confusing. If I need to start them indoors because it will be too hot for them outside, then does that mean putting them under grow lights in the basement? Maybe that’s what I should have done. Something to try next year….

Anyway, I decided to just bite the bullet and plant them outside because, at this rate, they’ll never get in the garden.

But before we could plant them, we had to prepare the garden bed. My dad is letting me use another of the raised beds.

This one is on the north half of the raised beds area, kitty-corner to my vegetable bed. He had some grapevines in there, but they weren’t producing any grapes and he has plenty of grapevines elsewhere. He didn’t think the soil was very good, so he dug it all out for me.

Nate and I refilled it with a mix of compost and dirt. I also tidied up the bricks, wood, and pathways surrounding the bed. Doesn’t it look so much nicer? I think so.

Next, I planted the seedlings. I had eight types of plants – cabbage, kale(x2), lettuce, arugula, mustard(x2), and spinach-mustard.

The seedlings were itty bitty and their root systems were equally as tiny…I don’t know if they’ll survive….

We watered them in and put up netting over the bed to keep the bunnies, birds and deer out of them, especially while they are so tiny and fragile.

I’m hoping I can use these hoops and clear plastic in the winter to make this bed a cold frame. That’s assuming these plants survive the transplant…fingers crossed!

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