Wild Black-and-Blueberry Mercer Sloughrbet!

Nate and I visited the Mercer Slough (pronounced “slew”) a few weeks ago. It’s a nature park in Bellevue that used to be part of the lake. I believe it was backfilled….. There are nature trails and a U-pick blueberry farm.

There are also berry bushes growing throughout the park along the trails, including blueberries, blackberries, and salmonberries.

We filled a jar with blueberries and blackberries picked trailside….

…and turned them into a delicious berry sorbet that we’re calling Wild Black-and-Blueberry Mercer Sloughrbet! (Get it? S(lough)rbet? Nate came up with that. He’s the next Ben – or Jerry.).

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