52 Weeks of Foliage Fridays

Woohoo! I’ve done an entire year of Friday Foliage posts! That’s 52 plants that have been profiled on this site! Here’s the entire list of all of them, with photos of some of my favorites (it’s hard to choose!).

African Iris
California Pepper Tree
Carob brownies
Acanthus Mollis

I’m not sure if I’m going to continue Foliage Fridays or not. I kind of enjoy doing them – I’m always surprised by what plants I can find to write about. But I don’t think these posts are very interesting for you.

Let me know if you like these posts, or if you have other suggestions for a new series. I am quite the creature of habit, so if I don’t think of anything better to do before next Friday, you will more likely than not see Foliage Friday #53…

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