Book Review: Uprooted

The final book on my Summer Reading list is Uprooted by Page Dickey.

Page Dickey is a garden designer/garden writer. This book is the story of her move, in her mid-70s, from Duck Hill, her home of 30+ years with 3-acres of manicured landscape, to Church House, a home with 17-acres of land. To her, this was down-sizing. In her old age, she wasn’t able to keep up with the maintenance of the 3 acres of gardens at Duck Hill. The 17 acre property, while much larger, was kept wild, so there was much less maintenance to do.

I had read one of Dickey’s earlier books, Embroidered Ground, a year or so ago. It was okay, but it was mostly extensive descriptions of plants that I wasn’t familiar with, so it was hard to imagine what she was talking about, and subsequently the book was not a particularly interesting read.

Uprooted has more of a memoir slant to it, which I appreciated, and there are beautiful photos sprinkled throughout the book so the reader isn’t left to re-create the scene she’s describing in their head. The photos were taken by Ngoc Minh Ngo (and I now follow her Instagram feed).

You could either read it cover to cover, as I did, or skim the prose and enjoy the photos.

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  1. I just finished reading this book and thoroughly enjoyed it and the lovely photos. It was a spur of the moment purchase, as the title caught my attention while shopping with a friend, and I snapped it up. So glad I did! Enjoy.

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