Preparing to Bring Houseplants Back Inside

It’s that time of year again. The nights are getting cooler here in Portland. We’re dipping down into the high 40s occasionally, so I think it’s time to think about bringing my citrus and other houseplants I had put out on the porch for summer back inside for the winter.

Before bringing them in, I want to repot any that need repotting and make sure none have any bugs or diseases that could spread inside. I found eight plants that seem to be outgrowing their pots: two geraniums and six lemons

I found eight new (used) pots for these plants; in the above photo, the plants are matched up with their new pots before re-potting

And ta-da! Such a satisfying project.

Here they are, looking fresh and happy in their new pots for the winter. I don’t expect them to grow very much in the winter, so I image these pots will carry them through until next fall, hopefully.

I can’t believe those lemons used to be teeny tiny seeds…they grow up so fast.

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